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Clear the Lower Palace 2 ounce

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Clear the Lower Palace, 2 oz

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ContraindicationsContraindicated during Pregnancy. Caution should be used in the case of Yin deficiency symptoms.
Chinese SymptomologyLower Burner Dampness
Western SymptomologyAll forms of vaginal discharge, vaginitis, candida, leukorrhea and itching in the genital area; urinary frequency, painful urination; a heavy feeling in the lower body or vaginal/uterine area, fatigue, loose stools
ActionsDrains dampness, separates clear and turbid fluids, clears Heat and tonifies Qi
PatternDampness in the Lower Burner with Spleen Qi deficiency or excess, or deficiency in the Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai)
TonguePale or red, white or yellow coat
PulseSlippery, weak, possibly rapid and soggy
Chinese nameWan Dai Tang and Bai Xie Fan Qing Yin
English nameClear the Lower Palace, 2 oz


Clear the Lower Palace is a very effective herbal formula to treat Lower Burner Dampness caused by Spleen deficiency and either a weakness or excess in the Girdle vessel (Dai Mai) . It tonifies the Middle Burner, strengthens the Spleen, transforms Dampness, stops vaginal discharge, clears Heat, and separates the "clear from the turbid." (Kan Herb Company)


Bai zhu (chao) (White atractylodes rhizome (dry fried) ); Shan yao (chao) (Chinese yam rhizome (dry fried) ); Long gu (sheng) (Dragon bone); Duan mu li (Oyster shell); Bai shao (chao) (White peony root (dry fried) ); Bi xie (Tokoro yam rhizome); Fu ling (Poria); She chuang zi (Cnidium seed); Cang zhu (Cang zhu atractylodes rhizome); Che qian zi (chao) (Plantian seed (dry fried) ); Huang bai (Phellodendron bark); Jiu jie chang pu (Altaica rhizome); Ku shen (Shrubby sophora root); Chai hu (Bupleurum root); Dan shen (Chinese salvia root and rhizome); Ji lin bai ren shen (White asian ginseng root); Chen pi (Tangerine dried rind of mature fruit); Jing jie (Schizonepeta herb)