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Zinc Orotate 100 vegetarian capsules

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Product Description

About Zinc Orotate

Zinc Orotate is a nutritional supplement containing zinc, a vital mineral responsible for a variety of bodily activities, to help support a healthy immune system function. The formula provides potent support to the body’s stress response while also contributing to the healthy function of numerous bodily biochemical activities. The product delivers Orotic acid, which is mineral salts (biochemical substances) that the body naturally makes. Designed by Priority One Vitamins, Zinc Orotate helps promote the optimal functioning of the immune system. The product provides a well-absorbed zinc source, which means that it can be well tolerated by sensitive individuals, who usually experience bowel tolerance issues.

How Does Zinc Orotate Work?

To ensure more effective and easier absorption of zinc into the system, the formula features zinc that is bound to Orotic acid. Besides delivering remarkable immune-boosting properties, zinc also encourages the stimulation of white blood cell activity. This, in turn, offers potent antioxidant support to the human body, the cell membranes, in particular, and protects from free radical damage. Apart from everything else, Zinc Orotate also allows the body to sustain the hormones related to good health at optimal levels.

It should be noted that the formula contains 17% Orotic acid as a means to make the product even more bioavailable. In doing so, the manufacturer binds Orotic acid with Zinc Oxide (the natural source of zinc). Overall, supplementation with zinc promotes well-being in countless ways.

The Health Benefits of Zinc

Research has shown that providing the body with zinc can help regulate the function of the immune system and boost immunity. Zinc Orotate, in particular, can assist in alleviating symptoms tied to minor infections of the upper respiratory system by encouraging the activity of white blood cells. For that reason, it is no wonder that most people who supplement with zinc after experiencing symptoms related to the common cold (usually within 24 hours after their manifestation) noticed a significant shortening of the length of their cold.

That being said, zinc also carries potent antioxidant qualities, which means that it could potentially offer sufficient support to body cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Apart from helping with the normal function of the metabolism and the immune system, zinc is also vital to the sense of smell and taste, as well as wound healing (i.e., skin ulcers, sunburn, etc.). Plus, studies have shown that oral zinc supplements can contribute to the reduction of diarrhea symptoms, which has been explicitly seen among malnutritional children. Finally, zinc is also associated with the slowing of the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

Last, but not least, zinc is associated with the decrease of inflammation (and the chronic conditions that come with it, such as heart disease), given zinc’s profound ability to fight oxidative stress.

Zinc Orotate Ingredients

The formula contains 300mg Zinc orotate and 51mg Yielding Elemental Zinc per serving. Other ingredients include vegetarian capsule and amino acid chelate.

Important Notice

Zinc may counter interact with specific medications. These include antibiotics, penicillamine, and thiazide diuretics. In the first case, oral zinc can interfere with the ability of tetracycline and quinolone antibiotics to fight bacteria. To help minimize this effect, you can consider taking the antibiotic either several hours after taking zinc or a couple of hours. In the second case, where you are taking medications for rheumatoid arthritis, you can take zinc at least a couple of hours before or after taking the drug to help reduce the effect mentioned above. Do consult your healthcare practitioner if you are taking blood pressure medications as thiazide diuretics can boost the amount of zinc that the body loses via urination.

Final Notes:

  • Speak with your doctor if you are using zinc to fight common cold symptoms, especially if you are taking medications. The effectiveness of specific drugs can be decreased with zinc supplementation.
  • The recommended dose is 8mg of zinc for adult women and around 11mg for men daily. Priority One suggests you take one capsule per day. However, consult your healthcare practitioner for a proper dosage per your case.
  • Do not take any nutritional or dietary supplements without talking to your doctor first, especially if you are nursing or pregnant. The same applies to you having a serious medical condition.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated any of the statements made above.
  • Zinc Orotate is NOT meant to cure, treat, or diagnose a medical condition or disease.

About Priority One Vitamins

Priority One Vitamins is a family-owned, privately held company that has been manufacturing top quality nutraceutical formulas since 1988. The organization focuses on creating products that best serve the health needs of patients with pioneering and highly efficient formulas. The Priority One facility is CGMP-certified and approved in more than ten countries for nutraceutical formulas manufacturing.

Among the company’s best-rated products are gastrointestinal-supporting SIBO-Rebuild, immune-boosting Super Bio-Vegetarian, detox-promoting Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced, kid sleep and relaxation-supporting KinderCalm, and brain function-supporting Lithium Organic.