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Ladies Internal Beauty 120 tablets 500 milligm

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Product Description

Sun Ten Healthy & Natural Ladies Internal Beauty Pills

Internal Beauty Pills is a angelicae radix formula to nourish Blood, regulate menstruation, resist fatigue, and moisten skin and hair.

Each 500 mg tablet contains:

A concentrated extract of: Angelicae Radix (Tang-kuei), Poly Multiflori Radix (Ho-shou-wu), and Eleuthrococci (Siberian ginseng); Isoflavones (from soy concentrates); and Isozorb-A proprietary blend of L-Glutamine, Fructooligosaccharides, Apple pectin, and Guar gum.


120 tablets per bottle.


General weakness in females, irregular menstruation, PMS, menopause, menstrual irregularities, dryness, and blurry vision.


As a dietary supplement, take two (2) tablets twice a day between meals.

The Major Uses of Ladies Internal Beauty Pills:

Nourish Blood:

Tang-kuei, the Queen of Herbs has the function to nourish the blood, promote blood circulation, and regulate menstruation. As a blood tonic, it has the function to promote the generation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Tang-Kuei also increases blood flow and helps reduce blood viscosity. Ho-shou-wu, also a blood tonic, shares and supports the function of blood generation with Tang-kuei.

Regulate menstruation:

Tang-kuei is famous for its ability to regulate menstruation and help promote a healthy balance within the female hormone system. Research has shown it to regulate uterine function. Ho-shou-wu and Siberian ginseng help support Tang-kuei with this regulatory function.

Resist fatigue:

Siberian ginseng is a popular material used to strengthen the Qi and enhance stress adaptogenic abilities. The female constitution is related strongly with blood. Therefore, Tang-kuei and Ho-shou-wu work well with Siberian ginseng to strengthen the Qi and nourish the blood which contribute to vitality. When vitality is strong, fatigue can be resisted.

Moistens skin and hair:

Ho-shou-wu is noted for its ability to improve the condition of the skin and hair. It can applied in cases

of thinning or greying of the hair or for skin dryness. When combined with Tang-kuei, its ability is enhanced.

Promote health:

Ladies Internal Beauty Pill Effect on the Body:

Promote hormonal regularity:

The combination of Tang-kuei, Ho-shou-wu, and Siberian ginseng work together to nourish and harmonize the blood.

Prevent and Protect:

A key aspect to health is the diet. Recently it was found that women who consumed soy or soy related goods have fewer health concerns than women who did not. Upon further investigation, it is the isoflavones contained within the soy that are recognized as the health promoting agent. It is believed that the consumption of these soy isoflavones can offer health protection to the body. Phytoestrogens have been present in the human diet for thousands of years. Asian population eating large amounts of soy products containing large amounts of isoflavones, heart disease, menopause disturbance, and osteoporosis than Westerners who don't eat these types of products.

Promote a healthy digestive tract:

Phytoestrogen consumption has a relationship with the conditions of the digestive system. Consuming higher quantities of phytoestrogens doesn't necessarily mean that they are delivered into the body. A critical component to phytoestrogen uptake is soluble fibers. They act as a food source to friendly? intestinal bacterial such as Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidus. It is through these bacteria that isoflavones are converted into a usable form of natural estrogen. In this formulation we use Isozorb A, a proprietary blend of L-Glutamine, Fructooligosaccharides, Apple pectin, and Guar gum, is used to enhance the levels of soluble fiber within the intestine.