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Neurozac 120 capsules 650 milligm

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Product Description

Sun Ten Healthy & Natural Neurozac

Neurozac is a traditional Chinese herbal formula containing albizza, Siberian ginseng and turmeric used for mild to moderate depression, nervous tension, and back pain.

Three 650 mg capsules contain:

Authentic Muggenberg St. John's Wort Extract, 900mg, Herbal Extract of Albizza, Siberian ginseng and Turmeric 700mg, Magnesium (Chelate) 50 mg, Vitamin B6, 25mg.


120 capsules per bottle.


Mild to moderate depression, depression associated with menopause, nervous tension, back pain, headaches, fights infection, helps children with bed wetting..


Take one (1) capsule twice a day for mild conditions.

Take one (1) capsule three times a day for moderate conditions.

The Major Uses of St. John's Wort:

Mild to Moderate Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)

Depression associated with menopause

Nervous tension, back pain, headaches

Fights infection

Helps children with bed wetting

St. John's Wort's Effect on the Body:

Side Effect:


St. John's Wort

Deriving its name from the Greek 'huper eikon' meaning 'over an apparition', was referred to as dispelling evil spirits. The plant has been used over centuries to treat mental illness, melancholy and epilepsy.


Turmeric root has been used in Indian medicine for thousands of years as a digestive aid. Externally, turmeric functions as an antibiotic by preventing bacterial infection in wounds.


Albizzia is an herb attributed with relieving depression, invigorating blood circulation and controlling pain. Symptoms indicative of depression such as restlessness, anxiety and insomnia are also relieved with Albizzia.

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng contains many of the same properties as Asian and American ginsengs. The active ingredient, eleutherosides, stimulates the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to disease, stress, and fatigue. With its milder properties, insomnia and anxiety do not result. Thus, treatment of depression, fatigue, stress colds, inflammation are common uses for Siberian ginseng.


Magnesium is essential for calcium utilization, cardiac function, energy production, muscle relaxation, and restful sleep. Soil depletion, fatty foods and alcohol inhibit Magnesium absorption, while 40% Magnesium in food is lost during cooking. Magnesium and calcium work reciprocally for muscle relaxation and contraction.

Deficiency of Magnesium may also result in excessive stress, muscle cramps, fatigue, restlessness, irritability, depression, migraine headaches in pregnant women.

International Use

St. John's Wort has enjoyed popularity in Europe for more than 15 years. (Newsweek, 5/5/97 p.74) In Germany, St. John's Wort is the leading method of for depression.