Brand: Classical Pearls Legacy Series

Guanyin Pearls 90 capsules 500 milligrams

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Product Description

Guanyin Pearls

Unit Size

90 Capsules / 500mg


Take 2 capsules three times per day, or as instructed by your health care practitioner (adjust dosage for children according to age and size




Guanyin Pearls can be used to promote healthy fertility function, but should be discontinued as soon as pregnancy has been achieved.

Chinese Symptomology

All symptoms of menopause and post-menopause


Alleviate deficiency flare-up of yang energy in menopausal women by restoring the Kidney's ability to store and safeguard yang qi Harmonize upward and downward energy movements in all three burners Replenish both yin and yang in the sources of pre-natal energy (Liver and Kidney) Nourish yin and yang in the sources of post-natal energy (Spleen and Lung)


Kidney Yin and Yang deficiency; Yang rising.

Chinese name

Guanyin Qianyang Lu