Product Description

Panaxea Mind)Xtra

Mind)Xtra is an herbal formula supporting normal memory and cognitive function.

What Mind)Xtra is Best For

Mind)Xtra is recommended for people with poor memory, braing fog and lack of focus.

Mind)Xtra may be used for the following:

  • Supports memory and cognitive function *
  • Supports feeling of calm relaxation *
  • Supports mental acuity and focus *

How Mind)Xtra Works

Mind)Xtra by Panaxea is a combination of herbs traditionally used to support memory and cognitive function. *

Mind)Xtra Serving Size

1 to 3 capsules

Mind)Xtra Ingredients

Ginkgo (Leaf) extract 24% standardised Bilobalide, Kaemferol, Ginkgolide A, Quercetin, Ginkgolide a and Ginkgolide b) (Yin Xing Ye)60 mg† Toothed Clubmoss (extract contains Huperzine A) Huperzia serrata (Jin Bu Huan)50 mcg† Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) (Xiang Feng Hua)75 mg† Rosemary (contains Rosmarinic Acid extract)25 mg† Chinese Salvia ( root & rhizome) (Salvia miltiorrhiza) (Dan Shen)50 mg† Chinese Salvia (root & rhizome) (contains salvianolic acid B) (Dan Shen)25 mg† Quercetin50 mg† Tienchi Ginseng (root) (contains glycoside) (San Qi)40 mg† Polygala (root) contains BT-11 extract (Yuan Zhi)25 mg† Ginseng (root) (contains Rb1 ginsenoside)50 mg† Asafoetida (oleo-gum-resin) (contains ferulic acid)100 mg†

Mind)Xtra Side Effects

Consult your healthcare provider.

Mind)Xtra Where to Buy

Mind)Xtra product is available only from licensed healthcare professionals. Buy Mind)Xtra Online here at or our clinic.